I’m back on the road to seek the discovery of substantial cooking with ‘Truckers Greatest Restaurants /Camionisti in Trattoria’, from May 10th airing on DMAX.

“It’s time to embark on a new journey! The destination? An authentic, substantial and traditional cuisine. There is only one group of people that truly knows what I’m looking for: truck drivers. I want to find out if the famous myth that wherever they stop, is where you can find good food, is true…”

Premiering on DMAX- Starting Thursday 10th May at 21:25 I will be back on the road to seek the discovery of the true Italian cuisine, to uncover the legendary traditional restaurants most popular amongst the truck drivers. “Follow the truck drivers and you’ll find tasty food at a cheap price” will be my mantra in the TV series “CAMIONISTI IN TRATTORIA”

I want to show you incredible locations, travelling throughout the Italian peninsula, and stopping in those special venues that are easily recognizable due to their full parking spaces occupied by all articulated lorries. Such locations include restaurants in proximity to the road networks that offer the best quality/price ratio, often secret locations, authentic gems that are only noted by a restricted and passionate clientele. In each episode, I travel across long distances accompanied by 3 different truck drivers, I get on board of their vehicles and when it hits lunch time, I let them bring me to their favourite place. Once arrived in the diner, I meet the chefs and the owners, I visit the kitchens and I let them tell me about their specialties. After that, I taste the menu advised by my truck driver. Driver after driver, diner after diner, this show is my chance to find out and show off the world of truck drivers, their stories, and how they live, day by day, on the road.
At the end of every episode, the truck driver and the host which will have given me the best and most substantial experience, will receive a very personalised, ironic and non-conventional version of the classic calendar which never fails to be part of any respectable truck.
Camionisti in trattoria is a gastronomic story, but mostly a portrait of our country as seen by those who know it km in and km out.
Camionisti in trattoria is a NonPanic production – curated by Massimo Righini
Directed by: Marco Manes – Executive Producer: Anna Crocetta
DMax is available on Channel 52 of Cable TV, on channels 136 and 137 on Sky and on channel 28 of Tivùsat. The series will also be available on Dplay (on the website www.it.dplay.com – or by downloading the app on the App Store or Google Play).