Signature Week: Chef Rubio guest at Cico’s Italian Restaurant Adliya, Bahrain

21st – 24th of December 2016Cico’s Italian Restaurant, a well established and award winning Italian eatery in Adliya, has become the center of attention in town for the month of December after confirming that they will be hosting the Star of the Discovery Channel, Chef Rubio. Mr. Ali Faieq Alzayani, whose father founded the restaurant in 1978, expressed “We are very excited to host Chef Rubio as he brings a very unique and exciting aspect to authentic Italian food as is portrayed throughout his TV series” .

Chef Rubio is the Star of “Unti e Bisunti” a popular series on the Discovery Channel Italy which focuses on highlighting modern Italian Street food as explored by Rubio. The traveling Chef has a huge following especially within the Italian community which is well represented in Bahrain.

On the 21st to the 24th of December‬, Chef Rubio will be a guest Chef at Cico’s allowing customers to sample a very special menu put together to showcase a modern twist on tradition Italian recipes. Diners will also have the opportunity to meet with the TV icon and get their menus signed as is the tradition during Cico’s Signature Week events.

Cico’s was recently awarded for being “a pioneer of Italian Cuisine” and officially recognized as the oldest Italian Restaurant in the Gulf region, during the Italian Cuisine World Summit in Dubai for their long-standing dedication to promoting Italian Cuisine and Culture. 

For the past year the owner of this institution, Mr. Ali Alzayani has hosted a string of internationally acclaimed Chefs under the widely publicized banner of Signature Weeks; “This is an opportunity for our loyal customers to sample some amazing menus put together by Chefs who are at the top of their game” continue Alzayani who confirmed that there will be many more top names to come.”

MenuANTIPASTO ALL’ITALIANA – ITALIAN GARDEN & FRIED FISHESGiardino all’italiana / tuberi roots, crunchy legumes, with aubergine cream and goat cheese flakes

Frittura di pesce in saor / small fried fishes with a classic “saor” of onions

Paccheri alla norma / tomato sauce with basil, fried aubergines and salty ricotta

Calamari ripieni alle due acque / stuffed calamari with mediterranean fill served with water of tomatoe e capsicum

Polpette di bollito / boiled meat meatballs with 5 spices

Pinsa dolce, con frutta secca bruciata / typical Italian dessert made of polenta – cornmeal mush slightly roasted with custard and almonds, figues, raisins, cinnamon.

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