New launching date – Chef Rubio Launches the ‘Suspended Meal’ in the Middle East for the workers in the labor camp

On the 12th of May, at the Italian Restaurant “Piadèra” in Dubai, Rubio sets the table with solidarity made in Italy; for each piadina a free meal for the migrants in the Labor Camps

May 12, 2017 – Dubai (United Arab Emirates) from 7am to 10pm

(Ground Floor Terrace, the Office 1 C1 Building – World Trade Center)

After a deferment, due to unexpected technical problems that have been promptly fixed, on May 12th, Rubio is guest at the first store of the Italian chain Piadèra in Dubai and ready to propose a solidarity model 100% made in Italy even in the Middle East. Guaranteeing the Italian legacy of Piadèra’s menus and looking for an opportunity to contribute to the community, the team management of the restaurant, guided by Matteo Bianchi along with a pool of Italian investors, asked for the presence of the chef from Frascati as a very well-known promoter of the Italian culinary art and as a one of a kind socially active pioneer in sponsoring the “buona cucina/food for good” as nurturing for the common good. Rubio welcomed the invitation enthusiastically, making it a stunning opportunity to propose the ‘suspended meal’ also in the Emirates. The initiative is even more meaningful if one considers that the event will be run during the Ramadan period that is, by definition, the month of generosity in the Muslim tradition and during the Year of Giving for the Arab Emirates.

This is how it works: on May 12, from 7pm to 10pm in Piadèra’s premises, resident Chef Francesco Cavarretta will show, under the watchful eye of Chef Rubio and in the presence of the public, the needful steps for preparing 100% Italian and 100% Halal dishes (good and permitted in Arabic) according to Muslim rules and believes. Excluding pork, the cold cuts menu proposes turkey, beef speck and bresaola that are all Italian and ​​premium ingredients. In lard-free and oil version, piadina is the signature dish and is prepared according to the traditional recipe of grandmother Norina who was an authentic institution of the Riviera Romagnola and is among Piadera’s investors through her granddaughter.

For each meal consumed during the event by customers, Piadèra will prepare and convey a free meal for the workers coming mainly from Asian countries and working in constructions in the Dubai labor camps. From the day after, according to the Italian rule of the ‘neapolitan suspended coffee’, for every meal consumed in Piadèra, customers can order a ‘suspended meal’ for those who cannot afford it. At the end of the day indeed, the donated meals and the surplus food as well will be delivered to the Labor Camps from Piadèra’s staff, and periodic reports on deliveries will be issued. The ‘Suspended meal’ initiative is made possible through the logistical and organizational contribution of two local associations: Ro’yati Family Society and Emirates Red Crescent.

Made in Italy is a state of mind”, says Chef Rubio, “I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to export it as long as the taste of the Italian culinary tradition, a socially sensitive model able to balance the uncompromising wave that marks this historic period“.

Piadèra’s Italian genes are pervasive: even furniture, packaging and website are rigorously Made in Italy”, echoes Matteo Bianchi. “The idea is simple: our flatbread is nothing more than a flying carpet which carries the best of the “Sistema Italia”, from entrepreneurship to solidarity, from culinary art to design, around the world and embracing different cultures”. The multi-cultural mix at Piadera foundations is not reflected only in the menu – that however has strong Italian roots – and in the customers, but also in the personnel selection: Italians, Egyptian, Asiatic and Africans and also in the investors pool which includes top managers, professionals and sportsmen from both Italy and the UAE.

Piadèra, besides the authenticity of “the Piada”, guarantees the freshness of the best culinary Italian tradition, from cured beef to vegetables using premium ingredients from Italy.