Chef Rubio exports the ‘Suspended Meal’ tradition to Middle East: Special guest at the opening of Piadera’s Italian restaurant in Dubai For each authentic Italian flatbread bought, one will be given for free to the Labor camps

March 2nd 2017 – Dubai (UAE)

Chef Rubio launches the Suspended Meal for Labour Camps in Dubai. The occasion is the opening of the first store of the Piadèra chain restaurant led by Matteo Bianchi with the support of a consortium of Italian investors, which opens on March 2nd in the city of the UAE. Chef Rubio will be tasked to christen the local 100% made in Italy.

How it will work: the opening day the entire proceeds will be reinvested to prepare and deliver meals to the workers living in the so called Labor Camps of Dubai. From the days following, as required by the whole Italian tradition of solidarity of the ‘Neapolitan Suspended Coffee’, every customer for each meal consumed can opt to voluntarily add one to be delivered by Piadèra staff to the those who can not afford it. So, at the end of the day ‘Suspended Meals’ (and food in excess too) are delivered to Labour Camps directly from Piadèra staff free of charge, with subsequent periodic reports of the activity. ‘It’s the minimum we can do to give back to those who have hardly worked to make our city and this area so beautiful and attractive’, Matteo says.

In addition, Chef Rubio, during the cooking-show opening event, open to the public, will show together with the resident of Chef Francesco Cavarretta, the phases of preparation of the dishes made according to the 100% Italian tradition and still being 100% Halal. The list of Halal ingredients in the menu include turkey breast, beef bacon, bresaola, speck, all Italian. Piadina (their flatbread) remains the main attraction, with its recipe based on olive oil and Italian flour, but above all know is prepared according to the traditional recipe of Grandma Norina, authentic institution of the Romagna Riviera, today with her family among Piadèra’s investors together with Emirati and other Italian investors. Norina in the 60s was a beautiful, young woman pulling the dough with energy in a historic kiosk in Cervia in Romagna Riviera. Many still remember the long lines of people waiting for her legendary piadina. Norina delivered to Piadèra the ritual of her recipe to offer the public the genuine taste of her times even far from the Riviera. Piadèra, in addition to the authenticity of Piada, guarantees the freshness of the ingredients in the best Italian food, from meats to vegetables, and mozzarella produced locally directly by the staff of Piadèra with premium curd from Italy. ‘The Italian spirit of Piadèra is pervasive: even furniture, packaging and website are strictly Made In Italy. ‘The idea is simple: our flatbread is nothing more than the magic carpet to fly the best of the “Italian system” – from entrepreneurship to solidarity, from culinary products to those of the design – around the world embracing many different cultures.’- says Matteo.

The Arab-Italian consortium (of top managers, professionals, athletes and entrepreneurs) and the Italian-Halal menu are not the only multicultural ingredients of this project, where also the staff team is coming from many different continents.

”Made In Italy” is a state of mind. Together with the taste of the Italian culinary tradition, we are particularly happy to export this model of solidarity which is not only simple but also very impactful in relieving the pressure over certain communities. A model we have launched in Italy some weeks ago and we believe can be fruitful for every big city of the world.’, Chef Rubio says.